Short-term commitments, with long-term effects!

Even with busy schedules or sometimes because of them, it is important to take a break to feed your heart, soothe your mind and inspire your soul. Here are some juicy choices to lift your spirits, bring you insight, and rejuvenate your being.

WisdomDance offers exciting new options, retreats, and special events regularly. Check frequently and you will find that perfect treat.

If you have a suggestion, contact Kim. She is always cooking up new programs and appreciates your thoughts.


Mandalas have always been a little mysterious while being beautiful. They are powerful symbols of our Spiritual Journey and now, rightfully, the image of WisdomDance workshops. Just as each mandala is unique and offers healing and balance, each gathering offers opportunity for you to experience deeper meaning and harmony. Mandala comes from the Sanskrit word meaning "circle."

Saturday Spiritual Discussion & Meditation

This experience is open to students, clients and the public (by prior agreement). For your comfort and the continuity of the group, it is important to have some background with the philosophy of WisdomDance. This is a 90-minute gathering with the first hour in Q&A format. We will look at the subjects you have concerns with or curiosity about. Additionally, we will be discussing Universal Law, shifts in consciousness and other non-personal topics. We will end each session with a healing mediation focused on our discussion.

Space is limited, so please sign up early. If you cannot attend these powerful and significant gatherings, you can purchase the recording for $27.

  • Dates: One Satruday Monthly
  • Times: 8a PT, 9a MT, 10a CT, 11a ET
  • Price: $49, $27 for recording only
  • Teleconference (you receive number &
    code when you sign up by email)
  • Email or call Kim 843.414.7826 to register


Empowered Self Retreat

This five-day retreat is open to everyone who has taken RLI, RLII and Every Day Spirituality. This is a delicious opportunity to take care of your soul and body, spend time with like-hearted women, laugh a lot, eat really yummy food and do a little more inter-personal work on your personal journey.

The focus on this retreat will be on how you present to the world and how the world sees you. There is nothing so powerful as seeing yourself on TV. You will be interviewed on camera and we will screen these interviews together, so we will all learn from what we see, hear and share.

In addition to this focus, we will have with us a guest teacher who will bring an additional dimension to this delightful gathering.

  • Dates: 2017
  • Location: we are searching
  • Price: location will determine (It is not too early to start building your retreat fund!)
  • Please let Kim know if you are interested

Be Your Empowered Self

  • July 31-August 5
  • Course 3405-715
  • Tuition $420 MI 

Do you feel like your life is off track, that you’re at the whim of others’ needs and demands, or that you freeze in the face of decisions? Journey into the truth of your heart with spiritual guide Kim Pentecost and begin to uncover the steps to create the life you want.


In this safe, supportive environment, you will connect with the kind of self-knowledge that will empower you to live more authentically. When you live in alignment with your truth, life becomes easier, more fun and more fulfilling in your personal life, professional endeavors, and relationships. Through individual and partner work, meditation, and group discussion, you:

  • Connect with your deepest motivations and desires
  • Define your top 10 true values
  • Uncover your soul identity and purpose
  • Explore easy ways to apply this information to your daily life
  • Learn the simple practice of In-Body Meditation
  • Create a blueprint for how to have an inspiring impact on your world

You return home energized and empowered, with the tools maintain your well-being.


Everyone who wants to live a more powerful, balanced and joyful life is welcome.


Call Kim at 843.414.7826 or email

Register with Omega starting in March 2016