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Is it time for a little more understanding about what is going on in your life? Want help cleaning things up energetically? See how you can benefit from a personal session or business coaching with Kim.
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Workshops & Retreats
WisdomDance offers an ever-changing selection of workshops and 3 Retreats each year. Please see section to explore your next adventure.
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Blog and Ezine
There are always new insights, tools and inspiration on the blog. You also have a chance to contribute your wisdom. For those of you that like to get the news via your inbox, Kim sends out a monthly eZine. It contains words of wisdom from her interactions with the planet and the universe as well as the latest in resources and classes.
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Gift Certificates
A treasure for anyone on your gift list (birthday, anniversary, lifestyle change, business/career change, baby coming, health issue, holiday or just because). A gift certificate is the gift that keeps on giving in wisdom gained, fear released or clarity achieved through a private session or a workshop.

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Are you ready to walk the enriching path of enlightenment? These courses can ground your life and bring an energetic light to your soul.

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Many of you have asked for copies of Saturday Morning Discussion & Meditation. Those are on the way. Please check in again soon.
Be a Sponsor of Healing & Enlightenment
Help someone take important steps on the Spiritual Path. Your contributions can make the difference in an individual attending a workshop, retreat or class; learning from a meditation CD; or gaining comfort, understanding and healing from an intuitive session. These scholarship contributions are kept in a special fund and gifted anonymously at Kim’s discretion.  Thank you for considering and donating to this gift of love and encouragement.
CD: In-Body Meditation
~ Foundational Meditations for Every Day Life
This CD shares a method of guided meditation that is used by individuals just like you around the world. These meditations can help you be more creative, more grounded, live more abundantly and feel safer in the world.

$19 incl. postage and handling.

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Special Thanks

To those who held my hand, contributed your expertise, offered your comments and humor through this wonderful process of significantly updating this site. I love you and thank you; Bob Friedland, Roberta Binder, Nancy Borne Maynard, Juliette Lauber, Carrie Bedell, Mike Modlin, Andrew Adleman, Janice Decker, Johanna Baldwin, Russ Stratton III, Valerie Herald and Carol Donahoe. Thank you to Bob O'Brien for my favorite boat picture. It embodies the serenity of the Low Country.

I am also greatful to all of you for your patience and understanding through this process. I hope you all find this new site supportive on your journey to your heart, your truth and your joy.

Cancellation &

Refund Policy

You must give 24-hour notice to cancel private sessions; otherwise you will be charged the full cost of an hour session. Cancellation for a 90-minute to 1-day workshop: 72 hours must be given for the fee to be reassigned to another program. Refunds do not apply. For retreats and special events, you must give a 30 day notice for cancellation. You will be charged 10% (of total cost) for processing. You will be refunded the rest of your down payment within 15 days of the event. If any events are co-sponsored with another company, we follow that company’s cancellation policy.

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