Be Your Empowered Self Courses

The heart of WisdomDance is the Be Your Empowered Self courses because they embody the journey of life. The Universal Mystery is Your Mystery. There is no greater truth than the truth you hold in your heart. The richness of your experience will come from the commitment to your own growth, healing, expansion and love. You will reach completion of the adventure with exponentially more than you started with.

The Nebula will be your guide through this series of courses. The Nebula symbolizes expansion, creation, life moving forward to rebirth, continuance and growth along your journey. You will have the opportunity to journey through three Nebulae, each representing a segment of the path.

  • Be Your Empowered Self ~ Defining & Living Your Life’s Purpose is the Green Nebula of awakening, new growth and increasing abundance.
  • Live Your Empowered Self ~ Expanding & Embodying Your Life’s Purpose is represented by Blue Nebula for certainty and expansion as you embrace the wholeness of your life.
  • The optional opportunity to share time at the Empowered Self Retreat with graduates brings forth the experience of Orange Nebula expressing joy, celebration and renewal.

I look forward to walking with you as you venture into the three Nebulae of becoming all that you are in your heart.

Be Your Empowered Self

   ~ Defining & Living Your Life’s Purpose

  • Do you feel that your life is solidly on track? Or should be more?
  • Are you choosing your experiences or do you feel like the victim of other peoples’ needs?
  • Are you confused and worried when making big (or any) decisions?
This is a journey into the truth of your heart to create the life you want. When you live and operate from authenticity and self-knowledge, life becomes easier, more fun and more fulfilling. You can have more energy, expanded joy and peace, be more successful in your professional and personal lives, have an inspiring impact on your world and maintain healthy relationships.

In this class, you will:

  • Understand your deepest motivations and desires
  • Define your true values
  • Uncover your soul identity and purpose
  • Create a practical definition of your personal philosophy
  • Apply this powerful information to your daily life easily and naturally
  • Learn, experience and integrate In-Body Meditation, a practice that enhances your life simply and comfortably

Dare to be your empowered self!

Call Kim at 843.414.7826 or email
for scheduling and registration

  • Starts February 27 - 3 weeks on followed by a week off for a total of 12 weeks of class
  • 9 am PT, 10 am MT, 11 am CT, Noon ET
  • Each class is 90 minutes and includes a short mediation.
  • Price: $168 a month - includes workbook, meditation CD and resource book
  • Where: By phone – come in your jammies!



Live Your Empowered Self

~ Expanding & Embodying Your Life’s Purpose

You will:
  • be exploring and empowering your innate intuitive abilities.
  • be creating sacred space in your home and at work
  • examine your life style and make easy adjustments for a healthier life
  • be attracting greater abundance where and how you want it
  • experience sincere and rich Spiritual Community
  • understand how your values work within family and chosen family
    (this includes the family of friends)
  • explore new ways to express your purpose in the world
  • celebrate your life and take your rightful place in society

You have completed Be Your Empowered Self and have a true understanding of who you are and what motivates you. Don’t stop now! This is an eight-month journey in which you take all that you have learned about yourself and apply it more deeply and effectively to each aspect of your life. This is fun, exhilarating and life-changing course.

  • Fall of 2016
  • 8-month teleclass
  • 90-minute experience 1 time a week for 3 weeks each month
  • $168 per month including materials prepaid each month
  • Where: By phone!

Call Kim at 843.414.7826 or email
for scheduling and registration

Comments from Students

“Being in class has helped me know my purpose. I found the courage to acknowledge my feelings and to believe in and trust my Spirit Guides. I learned to meditate with ease and I find the daily practice makes me stronger.”

~ NB, New York

“I am definitely moving through life with more grace and ease. Writing the life award was absolutely phenomenal for me. It helped me to see myself clearer and with joy.....huge! Thank you for that and for the entire class.”

~ MM, New York

“This class taught me abundance about myself. The meditations were phenomenal as well. I learned about connecting to mother earth and father sky with cords and to flow healing energy.”

~ JU, Arizona

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