On the Road Again

I just talked with my mom. I’m sure I don’t do that often enough to suite her; she’s a mom after all. As tradition dictates, we both went through our litanies of activities for the upcoming weeks. Her comment, as always, was that I travel soooooo much. Hmmm…Do I? Or is it simply her perspective living in a small town in the mid-west? Her perspective, I’m sure.

I do love to travel – planes, trains and automobiles. Especially automobiles. I even love “adventure driving.” Recently, as I was finding my way through Manhattan and driving faster than my GPS could track, I had to drive in a circle twice to find the right entrance onto the parkway. All I could do was laugh. I was sure the little old ladies sitting on their porches were shaking their heads at the crazy tourist I was.

My rental finally met the on ramp and we were off. Parkways are wonderful driving. Companion to Hudson River, Saw Mill Parkway, surely could tell many a story, if only one took the time to listen. That luxury was not mine. I was on a mission.

One of the best things about parkways is that they tend to be swoopy. For someone who loves driving, that is heaven. I swooped all the way to Rhinebeck NY and back. Diving hills and curves through trees that bring mystery and beauty to the journey. There was no time to give to the mysteries. I was too busy being one with my car in the way that brings freedom to the body and peace to the soul.

Next week offers the opposite landscape – openness and long straight (give or take) stretches of cloudless blue sky. My lungs expand just thinking about it. I will be high – 5200 feet plus (no, not that other kind of high.) Smiles are starting to bubble up from so many memories of driving through Colorado and Wyoming. My arms are getting twitchy and my right foot is getting heavy. Those roads can even make an economy car feel like a like a Maserati.

Yes, taking to the road is good for my soul. I know where the idea of the Sunday drive came from though there is no little old lady in me unless it is the little old lady from Pasadena! I live in a land of no swooping and only one curvy road. We are the Low Country. We have other benefits. Last night, this driver dreamed of hills and long curves and that slight lean…ummm…

Whether you ride a bike or a bike, drive a pickup or a Hugo, weald an RV or a Z, I’ll see you on the rode. We will smile and understand.

Walking In Two Worlds

This is a wee bit of mind expanding writing as a diversion from the norm. I hope you enjoy it.


I often find myself between two worlds. They are not any specific two realities. Well, I should say that one remains the same, the third dimensional world my children refer to as the pizza reality. The other world varies. Sometimes it is past, sometimes it is future, but most times it is parallel. That is why sci-fi is not difficult to write. It is simply the channeling of those “other worlds” that exist simultaneously to ours.

According to a particular philosophy, there is no imagination. Anything we might think we imagine or make up exists in some reality somewhere. That makes sense to me because of my work. It is not that I don’t think we are smart enough to have imagination. Quite the opposite. I believe that our intuitive abilities are greater than we know. We actually see and travel to those other planets and universes during our night hours. We write about them because we know them.

I have seen planets birthed out of gases and die in fiery explosion or cold implosion. I have seen souls rush from planets. I have fought in wars more horrible than ever we experience on this Earth. I have awakened with burns on my legs and scars on my body. I have helped societies of people begin programs of compassion, not as study but as evolution. I stand in more than one world.

It is the getting fully home that is the tricky part. Becoming fully present to arguments over possessions and fear of love seems impossible. Listening to queries of a wounded mind after standing in the face of the losses of universes is more than this heart can hold…Yet, I do. I regard our world with calm and a smile. There can be no other way.


At this time of the year, here, in the US, freedom is the dominant theme of the season. We think about our military. We think about all the people that don’t have the freedoms we do. We think about sacrifice and compromise for the greater good. It is an important part of our humanity to take time to reflect and send love and gratitude.

Freedom is not merely something that takes place in the external world. There are other types of freedoms that may not appear as grand, but are the foundation of the mindset that allows all freedoms to be attained. It is difficult, if not impossible to hold a consciousness for the world that we do not hold for ourselves.

So, let’s talk about these more personal freedoms.

The one that is on my mind everyday is the freedom of time. There is a lot to do on this planet and a lot I want to do. But, by the end of my workweek, I can’t wait for time to have no obligations – one day that I don’t have to do anything! I’m not saying I won’t do anything. I want a day that simply unfolds with no plan or appointments. I relish a day that is a stream of activities focused from my heart, not my head.

These days, rare as they are, reset my sense of being and my personal sense of freedom. They allow me to be a much more centered and kinder person to my self and others. And, I hear this from many of you. So let’s listen to that vital need of unscheduled time and allow to be a regular part of our lives.

Having time to be is critical to our sense of self and our relationship with all.

What other personal freedoms are important? Every single one.

How about the one I hear most often – freedom from judging one’s self. Stated in positive terms, this is the freedom of self-love and self-respect. Concerns and problems related to this freedom are often subtle and insidious. They can sound like: “I shouldn’t”; or, “I did this too much”; or, “not enough.” We all know the litany. This is an attempt to control our lives, and ironically it is highly restrictive because it takes us out of the flow of love, comfort, creativity and all the other life-giving energies.

Becoming aware of the negative belief that shuts down our ability to choose is the first step in embracing freedom. With that understanding, here is the simple, yet highly effective process that can release limiting beliefs and help you attain greater personal freedom:

  • Acknowledge the limiting belief (to yourself)
  • Bless it (with love and gratitude because you thought it served you for a while)
  • Release it (breathe it out)
  • Transmute it (visualize it turning into the gold light of truth and going to the world as a healing)

Letting go of the internal fight allows us to experience the freedom of love and peace. Devoting ourselves to the freedom of living in love is the greatest gift we can give our selves and the world. When we love ourselves, we are able to stand stronger and truer with others.

Choose to live in freedom. Take steps to live in joy, love, creativity, success, synchronicity and all that freedom brings.

Happy Independence Day – and Happy Every Day!