And Yet More Opportunities for Growth

Summer is settling in here in South Carolina – at last. Not that I’m thrilled. I’m not a person who loves the heat. However, with the delicious long Spring, it does feel like Mother Nature is back on track and all is right with the world. It was lovely to sit on the screened in porch barefoot in a sleeveless morning dress reading the latest issue of Garden & Gun and drinking my morning coffee. My kitties were lounging along with me casually eyeing the ducklings right outside their reach (on the other side of the porch screen.) We enjoyed a few moments of peace before the day hit.

And, that’s the point of the story. The days have been hitting like rockets in a war, multiple bombs coming nonstop for, at least, a couple of weeks. I was told, by a reliable source, that we are at the peak of this energy barrage. There are about 3 weeks left. I moaned in despair, my head dropping to the desk. She encouraged me to look at the bright side. I couldn’t feel or see any brightness. My body hurt everywhere and I just wanted to crawl under the carpet.

However, after a good night’s sleep and a gentle beginning to my day, I am feeling hopeful. We will make it through. We always do. Here is the combination that is pummeling us: three eclipses (see 5/3 ezine on the WD Resources page), the strongest solar flares in years and a series of astrological events too long to list.

OK. I get it. I know the gift of all this is to help us let go of our rigidity and stuckness. We, as a race, seem to cling to beliefs that limit our joy and experience of life. I am feeling like a wet noodle so maybe this thrashing is releasing my illusions of control.

Other indicators might be, in no specific hierarchy — feeling like you’re on an emotional roller coaster from hell, exhaustion mixed with tiny moments of energy, wanting to eat and/or drink outside healthy parameters, glad you don’t own a gun because…, wishing you owned a gun because… angry with every and no one for every and no reason, needing long periods of absolute quiet and more symptoms that don’t come to mind right now because I need more coffee.

Some of you might be shocked at my seeming un-Spiritual use of words. That is the other part of all this wild and I will say it — wonderful energy. I am honest to the core. It seems useless, too effortful and even misleading to sugar coat anything right now. My niceness is hanging on by a hair and slipping fast.

So, let’s share a laugh knowing this too shall pass and be greatful for the blasts of energy that are getting us ready for our new, expansive lives. As I said, we always make it through. And, I expect us to land on our feet. Maybe the bombs are just fireworks and this is all a dream. Weeeeee!

(We are having Saturday Discussion & Meditation tomorrow 5/18 – 5/3 ezine on the WD Resources page for details. I will be sharing some useful tools and fun tricks to help you stay grounded and sane through all this opportunity for growth.)

Beltane & Samhain

As some of you know, I celebrate many non-traditional holidays. What are commonly called the cross quarter holidays are some of my favorite. I have written about Lammas and Imbolc. (see below) It is now the season of Beltane in the northern hemisphere and Samhain (pronounced sah-win) in the southern hemisphere. The generally accepted date is May 1 or May Day. The actual date, using astrology, is May 5, 2013. We are compromising and saying that this is the season of Beltane or Samhain.

Beltane: I keep wanting to spell it Beltaine, it is only preference. This is the celebration of the coming of summer. We light fires, indoors or outdoors. We ask for the blessings of our crops and livestock. We ask for fertility in all that is. Taking time to acknowledge our relationship to Spirit and to Earth and their interaction with each other is fundamentally vital our sense of place upon this planet.

Our food doesn’t come from the grocery. It is the loving gift from Mother Earth and Mother Water. We take little time to connect with the life force and the love that is offered in each bite of food and drink of water. This is the time of year to step out your door, light a candle and be in the arms of the Mothers with gratitude and reverence. It is little to offer for the gift of life and beauty beyond our wildest dreams.

Samhain: Also known as Psychic New Year. The end and the beginning. The letting go and the gathering. I love this holiday. I always feel a sense of well-being and excitement as I look to the next year. There is a beautiful ritual a friend offered me. In short, on each Samhain, I first write my goals for the new year. Then, and only then, I open last year’s envelope and see how many things I have actually accomplished from last year’s list. The beauty of this is that, after I have written and reviewed, I put the new list in an envelope, seal it and don’t look at it until next year. We are much more creative when not pressured by our perfection and when we allow Spirit to co-create with us.


Wishing you all the best of this holiday season where ever you stand.