Happy Lammas & Imbolc!

Good morning/evening ~

North of the equator, we are celebrating Lammas, the feast of the harvest and the birth of Gaia, Mother Earth. In the South, you are celebrating Imbolc, the festival of lights and the coming of spring. Together, we are celebrating the cycle of life, the planting and the harvesting. This day is always one of great joy.

With Imbolc, there is a sense of renewal and anticipation. With Lammas, there is relief with the harvest knowing our tables will show great bounty. Even though we ship food all over the world and are becoming one world, there is still something in our DNA that pulls at us during each season. I love our connection with Gaia and her gift of life.

May you celebrate today – and everyday with Mother Earth and all her gifts.




I have always wanted to have more interactive communication with you. Questions come up about the Universe, our Spiritual Paths and Life. This is will a wonderful way to get you information quicker and more easily. I look forward to our journey together in this medium. Let the adventure begin…

And, speaking of beginnings…tonight is the premier of the uneXplained. The making of this documentary for the Biography Channel could be a documentary in and of itself. The byline for the show states is “A documentary series that explores human mysteries through unconventional means and metaphysical practices – one case at a time.” The part that I must love about working on this series is that, not only is it authentic, filmed in real time, every person, office staff, film crew, people involved in the cases and us, the healers, came to each situation with love, compassion, true interest and cooperation. We were strangers pulling together against huge odds to help and heal for the highest and best.

I encourage you to take a look. There are 14 episodes in 7 weeks (2 per). These stories may break your heart while they will make you smile. Each story is real and ongoing. Right now, I am going downstairs to watch.